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IN ALL SINCERITY . . . PETER CUSHING by Christopher Gullo, published by Xlibris Corporation. Available September 2004.

 Christopher Gullo never met Peter Cushing. Chris was a teenager when the great actor passed away. He started with a basic appreciation of an actor from his appearance in a number of horror movies. From that beginning grew an obsession to know who many horror fans consider to be the greatest horror actor of all time.

One of the signs of a good book is how much time the author spent doing research. You only have to read the first few pages of this book to know that Christopher spent a lot of time researching his subject. And what better person to do it? When he's not writing Christopher is a high school history teacher.

Christopher spent years conducting research on Peter Cushing. He learned everything he could about the man from every print source available. Next he began to talk to Peter's friends and family, to people who were mere acquaintances, and to people who only met him once or twice. Then he put it all into a book.

In All Sincerity contains a ton of information on Peter Cushing. I doubt the CIA could have done better! The book is so detailed that the reader has no problem believing that Peter Cushing was a kind and caring man, devoted to his wife, and willing to share in his success and help other actors along the way. Actress Caroline Munro, one of many celebrities quoted in the book, praises Peter as an actor and a friend.

The book is 420 pages long. It contains numerous photos of Peter and a number of illustrations by artist Neil Vokes. When you finish this book you get the idea that Christopher has more to tell us. He simply ran out of space. This book belongs in every horror fan's library.

If you like biographies, you'll love this book. If you like reading about Hammer Films and the people who made them, you must have this book.

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By Christopher Gullo

It has been said, and many film aficionados will agree, that the late Peter Cushing was one of the great thespians of the stage and silver screen. There have already been several books written about him, including his own PETER CUSHING: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY, and now author Christopher Gullo has added IN ALL SINCERITY… to the list. What makes this latest entry so unique is that Gullo, the actor’s ultimate fan, approached the task with such a powerful mix of love and research that perusing the material is akin to getting to know the late master personally.

Featuring a brief but intimate foreword by Peter Sasdy, who knew Cushing as a director when the actor portrayed Sherlock Holmes for BBC Television, the book’s strength is the perspective of author Gullo himself. Already a rabid Cushing buff and collector of his letters, photos and other memorabilia, Gullo took over the reigns of the Peter Cushing Association, or PCA, after Brian Holland stepped down in 2000. Gullo has culled together an impressive amount of informative and anecdotal details about Cushing’s career: His grandfather was Henry William Cushing, a bit actor who, in 1892, shared the stage of London’s famed Lyceum Theatre with Sir Henry Irving, true stage royalty of the era. Cushing had an early interest in comics, which impacted him greatly in life, as well as model soldiers, which remained an adult passion. These childlike interests likely helped lead him to become the kind, warm gentleman he would remain till the end.

Gullo manages to truly give the reader an insight into Cushing’s personality, as well as the extreme devotion he exhibited toward his wife, Helen, through her untimely death in 1971 and beyond. Until he passed on in 1994, Cushing anticipated his own passing with joy, desiring to be reunited with her. Gullo conducted interviews with a broad spectrum of individuals who afford the reader special access to Cushing, such as producer/director Alvin Rakoff, director Peter Graham Scott, actors Janina Faye, Francis Matthews, Ingrid Pitt, Brian Cox, Jane Merrow, Roy Hudd, Douglas Wilmer, Peter Copley, Caroline Munro and other notables. Horror buffs will especially enjoy reading Gullo’s tidbits regarding Cushing’s work with Hammer Films and his friendship with Christopher Lee.

The book’s title refers to the way Cushing ended most of his fan mail. Sincerely, Gullo’s fine effort provides the means by which to remember this great actor, as well. (See for further info.) —Bram Eisenthal

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From BBC Radio Devon

"In All Sincerity...Peter Cushing". For anyone who grew up in the 70's watching late-night horror movies, Peter Cushing is a hero. I found Christopher's book to be a fascinating guide to one of cinema's true stars. The book is jam-packed with information, a lot of which hasn't been described with such a loving eye and fondness for the man. I read a lot of biographical books, and I will be going back to this one again and again. Not only a great read but a marvelous portrait of a great actor. - John Hadlow (Film and TV Reviewer)

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If you are a Peter Cushing fan, then you MUST buy this book. It will give you a detailed history of Peter's life and take you on a journey you won't forget. Knowing Peter as I did, I know he would be proud that "In All Sincerely" was written about him.

A wonderful book, a wonderful title and a wonderful writer! Christpher Gullo has left us ALL Peter's legacy to be enjoyed for years to come, and for ALL new Peter Cushing fans.

Peter Cushing was my hero. - Barbara Leigh

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Shivers Magazine

Like Peter Cushing himself, Christopher Gullo's warmhearted tribute to this much-loved actor, In All Sincerity..., is enthusiastic, fastidious and perfectly charming. Gullo, who runs the excellent Peter Cushing Association website, has spent five years on this project and has lovingly put together a great selection of letters and interviews covering all aspects of the actor's career. There is a slight bias towards the latter part of Cushing's life, including lengthy contributions from Ted Newsome, who directed Cushing's final performance (narrating the Hammer documentary Flesh and Blood with Christopher Lee) and a whopping tribute from the chatty Robert Quarry (who appeared with Cushing in Madhouse and Dr Phibes Rises Again). There are words from Shivers' own Ingrid Pitt, Hazel Court talks about making The Curse of Frankenstein and Val Guest discusses Cushing's inimitable way with props while filming The Abominable Snowman. But for me, the more interesting contributors are the ones who touch on projects away from Horror and Hammer. The actor John Carson, who starred with Cushing in the TV adaptation of Isaac Asimov's The Caves of Steel reveals many
interesting facts about this ground-breaking Sci-Fi production, which sadly no longer exists in the archives. The appropriately-named John Stoker, a producer at Anglia Studios, recalls Cushing's early involvement with the
Tales of the Unexpected series. Every reminiscence adds further fascinating detail to the story of the actor's life. 

The only problem with relating the life of Cushing is that his fellow actors, seemingly without exception, don't have a bad word to say about him. You end up secretly wishing that someone would say something dreadful - but, in all sincerity, they cannot. The splendid illustrations by Neil Vokes round off a delightful volume - order a copy soon!

James Abery (Reviewer)

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Whether you know him as Grand Moff Tarken from Star Wars, Abraham Van Helsing from the Hammer Dracula films, of any of his many other appearances, even the casual Peter Cushing fan will find In All Sincerity, Peter Cushing by Christopher Gullo to be a captivating, compelling and thoughtful read.

Gullo is the head of The Peter Cushing Association, a fan club for the late actor, but his work is in a much more sophisticated fashion than one usually associates with the trappings of fandom. Thoroughly researched and sourced, In All Sincerity, Peter Cushing offers a number of superb insights into the person behind all those characters.

Neil Vokes, one of our favorite comic book artists and himself a big horror films fan, supplied a series of spot illustrations for the book. It would have been great even without them, but they really do add a great bit of flavor to the tale.

The book is available from the author and his website. - Jeff Vaughn (Reviewer)

The Amazing Kreskin

I just completed reading your In All Sincerity...Peter Cushing. I want you to know that I was absolutely charmed by your book and felt that it shared the poignancy, compassion, and excitement that this man had in such an illustrious career. It is truly an exciting read and maintains appropriately the compelling interest that is deserved by such great actor.