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UPDATED March 4, 2007

Dues Ex Machina - by Vaar Aragon ("sequel" to 'The Ghoul')

The Beast of Hampton Moors - by Mike McManus (Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes)

Crystal Promises - by Miss Weasel (A Cushing holiday tale)

The Devil's Snarl - by David Williams

Mad Dogs and an Englishman - by Miss Weasel (An alternative universe original story)

 Respice Finem - by Jordanna Morgan (A Van Helsing tale) 

Hand of the Werewolf - by Dr D. Vollin

Blood of the Vurdylak - by Michael McGlasson

  Isn't It Blyssfully Romantic - by Vaar Aragon & Miss Weasel

 The Spy with a Scalpel - by Vaar Aragon (Frankenstein meets 007)

 Idleburg's Doppleganger Affair  - by Neil Riebe  

Innocence Undead - by Michael Arruda 

Cries of Darkness - by Elizabeth Stinebaugh

A Cold Dark Heart - by Johanna McGrory (NEW!)