UPDATED March 14, 2006 


Internet Movie Database

Great site to find your favorite horror actor and their films. This section has Peter Cushing. 

Barbara Leigh

Official website of Barbara Leigh - the original Warren Comics "Vampirella" (Peter Cushing was supposed to co-star with her in Hammer's planned film version of "Vampirella")

The Man with the Hypnotic Eye

Dedicated to actor Donald Pleasence. Pleasence starred with Peter Cushing in "Nineteen Eighty-Four", "Flesh and the Fiends", "The Devil's Men", and "Trial by Combat"

Mario Bava Website

Really informative site on the director of such classics as ‘What!’, ‘Lisa and the Devil’, and ‘Black Sunday’. 

British Cinema Greats

Website devoted to British actors.

The Peter Cushing Discussion Group

An online chat group set up to discuss Peter Cushing and his films.

Peter Cushing Link Site

Features all Peter Cushing related links.

Peter Cushing Spanish Tribute Site

As the name implies, this site is entirely in Spanish and is devoted to Peter Cushing.

The Late Great Peter Cushing

An online chat group set up to discuss Peter Cushing and his films.

Janina Faye

The Official website of Janina Faye ("Horror of Dracula", "Day of the Triffids")

Linda Hayden

Website for the actress who starred in 'Taste the Blood of Dracula', 'Blood on Satan's Claw', & 'Madhouse'.

The Laurel and Hardy Magazine

The website for everything on Laurel and Hardy. News, merchandise, rare photos, etc. Peter Cushing appeared with Laurel and Hardy in "A CHUMP AT OXFORD"

Caroline Munro

The official website for my favorite actress - star of "At The Earth's Core", "Star Crash", "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad", plus many more.

The Vincent Price Exhibit

A wonderful website devoted to the Master of Menace - Vincent Price! Features photos, poster and pressbook images, stories, etc. A great website that is highly recommended.

The Official Dave Prowse website. 

Ewen Solon

The official website of actor Ewen Solon, who acted in a number of Hammer films including "The Hound of the Baskervilles" with Peter Cushing.

Hammer Films

Hammer Books Library

Info and scans of just about *any* book and magazine dedicated to Hammer (and Amicus and AIP)

Hammer Castle

Nice site devoted to Hammer films.

Hammer Glamour

New website by Holger Haase dedicated to the women of Hammer Films.

Hammer Glammer Films

New production company involving Ingrid Pitt, Caroline Munro, and Veronica Carlson. Their first planned film is an anthology called "Three For Hell"

Hammer Theme Wallpaper

Wallpaper, icons, screen savers and more.

Hammer Film Society

Dedicated to Hammer Films. Articles, Reviews, plus more.

Hammer Film Productions

The Official Hammer Films website.

Hammer Horror

Dedicated to Hammer Films and their work.

Hammer House of Horror

Dedicated to the Hammer television series. 

Hammer Posters

Dedicated to selling Hammer posters.

Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

Unofficial site for this classic Hammer film which starred Peter Cushing.

Little Shoppe of Horrors

The website for the famous Hammer magazine "Little Shoppe of Horrors". 

Van Helsing Diary - A Hammer Horror Films Tribute

Great site with filmographies and Hammer film clips.

General Horror

The Alien Online

Science-Fiction, fantasy, horror, and graphic novel news, plus reviews, columns, and feature acrticles.

All Horror Movies

As the name suggests, a website devoted to all horror movies with DVD reviews, news, and their own message board.

B-Monster Website

A celebration of all things B-Movie.

The Bearded Freak's Movie Reviews

Reviews of Horror/Asian/Exploitation/Thriller/Drama/Sci-Fi/Euro Trash. 

The Black Forest

Website for Image Comic's upcoming series "The Black Forest" - written by Robert Tinnell with artwork by Neil Vokes. 


New website devoted to all things horror. Featuring reviews, convention info, news, trivia, photos, etc.

The Bloody Hell of Brit Horror

A very active discussion web-group which discusses British horror films.

Cinema Wasteland

Specializing in Drive-in horror movies (VHS & DVD), posters, autographs, and collectibles.


Rare cult videos and much more.

Classic Horror Movies

Website for online buying of classic horror movies.

The Creature's Lab

Website devoted to custom horror action figures.

Crypt Crawl

A horror search site.

The Culthouse

Dedicated to cult TV, movies, stars & film icons.

Dark Web Online

The home of horror and sci-fi fantasy.

Fan Fiction Archive

The English/Spanish site features original stories by fans based on War of the Worlds, X-Files, Star Wars, Hercules, etc.)


A website that specializes in Italian horror films, films by Pete Walker, and general obscure horror.


A website devoted to all things Frankenstein related. 

Granada Movie Posters

Great selection of classic film posters, lobbies, stills, pressbooks, and much more.

Horror Asylum

One of the top horror websites in the UK.

Horror Find

An excellent link to find your favorite horror star, film, etc...

Horror Web

Fact, fiction, or fable...all Horror, all the time!

Kitley's Krypt

An excellent site devoted to all things horror


Film, horror, and sci-fi news, reviews and interview as well.

The Monster Club

Your online guide to horror. One of their features is a fanzine called "The Monster News"

Monster Mania

Excellent site that specializes in classic Universal monsters and Hammer Horror Collectibles. They are featuring the upcoming Monster Mania Convention this August 2004 in N.J. where the official book launch for "In All Sincerity...Peter Cushing" will begin.

Monster Movies

U.K. website specializing in selling classic horror and science fiction films on DVD and video.

The Rondo Awards

Honoring the best in horror scholarship, creativity and film presentation.

Chiller Theatre

Website for the Chiller Theatre conventions also is a link site for other horror-related websites.

Santo and Friends

Dedicated to Santo and other masked wrestling/movie stars. Also covers Spanish horror.

Worldly Remains

Website of this interesting magazine which delves into film, music, and culture.


Official website of everyone's favorite horror host - Zacherly! Featuring news, reviews, etc.


DVD and VHS Sites

Anchor Bay Entertainment

These are the guys who are putting out all the great, rare horror films out on VHS/DVD. They list their upcoming releases as well as works in progress.


Excellent UK online video store, offering cheap PAL tapes with no shipping costs!

Dark Sky Films

Excellent DVD company that is releasing "ASYLUM", "AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS", and "THE BEAST MUST DIE" on DVD in 2006.

DVD Drive-In

Great website for the newest and upcoming genre DVD releases.

DVD Maniacs

A site dedicated to DVD including reviews, interviews, features, competitions, images and more...

The Latest DVD

A very good DVD review site.

Luminous Film and Video Wurks

Here you will find rare VHS tapes such as an uncut ‘The Devil’s Men’ AKA ‘Land of the Minotaur’.

Retro Media Entertainment

Here you will find the latest releases from Retro Media including their "Death Master" special edition DVD. Run by cult classic director Fred Olen Ray.

Robert's Videos

Plenty of very rare and hard to find films for sale.

Other Sites

221 Baker Street

Site devoted to the master sleuth: Sherlock Holmes.

Black Cat Bookshop

Plenty of rare cinema related items for sale.

Card Times

Website for England's premiere card collecting magazine. Peter Cushing wrote a regular column for Card Times from its first issue until his death in 1994. A special commemorative book containing all Peter Cushing's articles is available through the website.

The Carpe Noctem Librarie

Jordanna Morgan's index to her original and fan fiction writings.

Colin Bushby Artwork

View the incredible artwork by PCA member Colin Bushby!

Cusack Books

Out of print booksellers based in London, UK. Selling Classic Television and Film-related titles.

Derek Tait

Website of writer and photographer Derek Tait.

East Coast Shaping

Golf Course construction site.

GBU Publishing Limited

Home of GBU, publisher of many great genre related books.


An excellent site for those people serious about writing horror fiction. They provide a service which includes an e-mail magazine that provides contacts on where to get your writing published.

Horror Writers Association

Interested in writing horror fiction? This site provides a service which will give you writing tips as well as contacts on where to try and get your writing published.

Mirror Image Artwork

Plenty of portraits on this site of film stars, including Peter Cushing as 'Grand Moff Tarkin'

Pipe Smoker's Council

This is the Pipe Smokers Council that honored Peter in 1968.


Run your own web site and are looking for free counters, guestbooks, forums, chat rooms, news boards, etc.? This is the place to check out!

Sherlock Holmes

This is another direct link to a PC page. It is a site that is devoted to Sherlock Holmes.

The Singular Society of the Baker Street Dozen 

Canadian website devoted to the greatest detective of all time - Sherlock Holmes.

Solo Publishing and Solo Marketing

Fantastic website for James Bond fans. Memorabilia such as toys, posters, music, and rare collectables for sale.

Jonathan Sothcott

Website devoted to author Jonathan Sothcott. Features his upcoming projects.

Joe Skinnell's Pics

Website collection of pictures by PCA member Joe Skinnell. There are some great convention and historic photos!


Website featuring Gary Tymon's incredible airbrush prints.

Spy Guise

Your one stop spy shop! Hundreds of new and vintage spy collectibles.

Switchblade Sisters

Fan site to Jack Hill's classic film "Switchblade Sisters".

Talking Pictures

The website which takes an intelligent look at film, television, video, DVD, mass media and computer games.


The only online music fair. Three quarters of a million items to buy online - more music than ebay!. Also includes superb resource section for music fans, news, album and gig competitions, freebies etc.


A website with different links about the little fishing village of Whitstable where of course Peter Cushing lived with his wife Helen.

Whitstable Scene

A website featuring IPIX type movies of the town itself, information about the town, and more links. 

Virtual Whitstable

A mini virtual IPIX of Whitstable.

Zine's Cafe

Devoted to Hollywood nostalgia, film noir, and B-grade sci-fi and horror films of the 1930s - 1960s.