Last year I was invited along to Bray Studios to meet with, and talk to fellow actors and fans of Hammer film years.

This turned out to be a very moving experience for me. Some of the actors I had not met up with for many, many years, but there was a genuine and unique feeling of fondness for these films which unified us all.

I have been an actress for 40+ years and met and had been privileged to work with some of the ‘Best’. My years at the National Theatre enabled me to work with Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Robert Stephens, Sir Derek Jacobi and many other splendid performers. I have done lots of television, film, and theatre work, but I have never forgotten those special years at the beginning!

In the last couple of years there has been a surge of interest in these Hammer films, and I have been asked to talk and remember things I thought I could never remember! I was only 8 years old!

It started when I agreed to go to the Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester. The fans were so welcoming, and so deeply enthusiastic, that the memories came flooding back. Especially when photographs were produced of me in ‘DRACULA’ with Peter (Cushing) at the studios.

I had several scenes with Peter (Cushing) and he was very concerned about my feelings. The scene in the churchyard where I had to sit in my nightgown, he took the time to talk to me gently and explain about the smoke they were ‘puffing’ around me so that it looked like the night was cold. Putting that beautiful coat around me with the fur collar. black with brown fur....if I close my eyes I can smell it’s smell now! He returned after every ‘shot’ to make sure I was alright and not frightened in any way. He also told me not to go up the stairs into the other ‘set’. I know now why! It was because there stood the coffin!!!!

This man was a genuinely good person, and terrific actor. He will be remembered for all these Hammer Films in the years to come. I would also like to think that Peter Cushing will never be forgotten as the kind and generous actor that he was. I myself will always treasure his memory.

Janina Faye

Special thanks to Rob Fisher for contacting Ms. Faye