Forever and a Day

By Claire


A golden light touches all but the shadows left below 
A smell so clean, so fresh, a promise of new seeds to sow
Grasses billowing green, skies etched with blue and white
Eyes once failing now shine with renewed sight
Sounds of children playing, hummingbird hovers at beautiful flowers
This is my new beginning and so ends my most suffering hours
Corn stalks sway in the fields, lazy days at the windowsill
Blistering sun teases angry bees, time for a cool dip in the sea
Robin chirps with delight as in reply to a Bob White
My summer fades forever away, with autumn comes a new day
The harvest moon illuminates the orange glow of the pumpkins fields  
Gleaming bittersweet berries fit for a squirrel's meal
Leaves drop to the ground, birds no longer sing their songs
My limbs grow weaker and the shadows grow long
Chilly breezes grip the land
Jack Frost has killed everything that touches his hand
Snow blankets every road, bridges uncrossed, every shoppe is closed 
Icicles hang from every tree
Welcome again winter, it's just you and me
Darkness again looms, winter's gray curtain is pulled over the moon
I have died but don't despair 
I'm now at peace without a care
Young and strong, and not a moment too soon
Playing happily in a place where it's always June
Warmth for the first time, to be alive in the shadow of life
Wiggling its toes in the sand for all eternity 
Hand in hand with my loving wife