I worked with Peter Cushing on ‘ISLAND OF TERROR’ (1966). He was a wonderful man. He reminded me somewhat, in his attitude and his approach, of Boris Karloff. Peter was a quintessential Englishman, and very devoted to his job. Once he accepted an assignment, he went absolutely 100 percent for it and treated it in the same way, whether it was a big picture or a small picture or anything else. He was a great man to work with, and I would’ve like to have done more pictures with him, had the opportunity presented itself.

I was instrumental in getting him for Ken Wiederhorn for ‘SHOCK WAVES’ (1975), but that was because I had the relationship with him from ‘ISLAND OF TERROR’. Ken, who had not made a film before, had some difficulties getting in contact with him, so I was able to arrange that. I enjoyed working with Peter Cushing enormously.

Richard Gordon

Special thanks to George Reis for contacting Mr. Gordon