(Joyce signing copies of Peter's autobiography at the 1999 Monster Rally in Virginia, USA)

Every fan of Peter Cushing should thank Joyce Broughton. Joyce was the woman who helped Peter get through the difficult years following his wife’s death. A remarkable woman, she served as Peter’s secretary up until the end, even standing by him in the hospital during his final moments here on earth. She also wrote a chapter for the revised autobiographies by Peter Cushing. I had the opportunity to meet Joyce at the 1999 Midnight Marquee Monster Rally. I found her to be extremely kind and friendly. I guess all those years working for Peter really rubs off on you!

CC: How did you get the job as Peter Cushing’s secretary?

JB: Quite by accident. Through a close friend who worked for him and recommended me, I started only on a temporary basis but "SIR" asked me to stay and I did for 35 years!

CC: Was it intimidating working for a television/movie star?

JB: Not at all. He was a wonderful man, sensitive, considerate, funny and shy. Someone once asked me this many years ago and I said he was like everyone - ordinary and ate toast for breakfast.

CC: What was it like working for Peter Cushing?

JB: It was a great honour and privilege

CC: What effect would you say Peter’s wife Helen had on his career?

JB: A very great deal. She was his mentor, his critic, and his very best friend as well as his great love.

CC: Did you have any contact or play any role with the American Peter Cushing Fan Club started by Debbie Del Vecchio?

JB: Yes - I met her and several other fans and arranged to take a party to the film set to have lunch with him. I am still in contact with Tom Johnson, Gloria Lillibridge and Randy Vest.

CC: What was Peter Cushing’s 80th surprise birthday party like?

JB: It was lovely and he saw many of his old friends he hadn’t seen for many a year.

CC: Could you tell of any funny anecdotes of working with Peter Cushing?

JB: He was walking in his hometown when a fan asked him if he was Peter Cushing’s grandad! There were many, many funny things. He always made me laugh with his wonderful sense of humour and he was an incredible mimic.

CC: What is your favorite memory of Peter Cushing?

JB: His wonderful laugh and his gentlemanly manners - He would always stand when a lady came into a room and always kiss the lady’s hand.

CC: Thank you for taking time to do this interview.

JB: We will never see his like again.

Peter's 80th surprise birthday party

Peter receiving his O.B.E. award