By Tony Battock

I have always been a great admirer of Peter, not only for his films but also his manner. I loved the way he was so polite to people he did not know, like the way he would shake gentlemen's hands and bow to the ladies. So try to just imagine how pleased I was to read, in my local paper, that our hero was going to be in town not far away signing copies of his autobiography - thrilled would be an understatement!

I was and never have been so thrilled, (even if it was a very cold and windy day), when that morning dawned, my brother and I set out on our little adventure not sure what awaited. Would he live up to our expectations, or would we be disappointed when we met the great man?

I remember standing in the queue awaiting Sir to make his appearance. I can also remember Peter having to walk past me and seating himself down next to a big pile of his autobiographies. I got my brother to stand on the other side of the desk, all ready to catch my big moment on film. I was not disappointed, as you can see I got to shake our hero's hand, if only for a few moments. It was a day I will never forget.