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Poster used to advertise the 2004 Whitstable Museum tribute to Peter Cushing

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From: Tony Battock - collage of images from the Peter Cushing 2004 Whitstable Tribute (the bottom left hand circular image is of Joyce Broughton and Tony at the opening day of the tribute)


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From: Simon Flynn - a series of photos that Simon took while at the Peter Cushing 2004 Whitstable Tribute (Simon is seen signing the guest book in the first photo, the second photo is a bust of Peter Cushing, the third photo is a shot of some of Peter Cushing's personal items, the fourth photo is of a model that Peter Cushing built, the fifth photo is a close up of Peter Cushing in the MGM short "Your Hidden Master", the sixth photo is a shot of photos of Peter Cushing from the exhibition, and the seventh shot is a rare candid shot of Peter Cushing that Simon took when he met him)


To mark the tenth anniversary of Peter Cushing's passing this year (2004), the Museum at Whitstable expanded their exhibition on him. The exhibition, which ran from July 14, 2004 until November 6, was called 'Peter Cushing, The Man Behind the Screen'. The Peter Cushing exhibition was originally opened by the Whitstable Museum in 1995 and was  similar in size to the recent exhibition - it lasted about four months and then it was reduced to about one-fourth of its original size. However, there always remained a little corner of the Museum which was dedicated to Peter Cushing. 

The original poster of the 1995 exhibition was of Cushing from 'The Flesh and the Fiends'. For the new 2004 exhibition, they went for a different look - it was Peter running out of the sea in shorts, taken on Whitstable beach.

Amongst the many interesting memorabilia on display were some costumes worn by Peter Cushing (including the bloodstained laboratory coat from 'The Curse of Frankenstein'). There were also many letters written by Peter and written to him as well. Other items were rare 'on the set' photos, his hand painted scarves, model miniature theatres that Peter made by hand, many of his original watercolour paintings, his 'This is Your Life' book, film posters, his makeup bag (that he used all throughout his career), and an impressive bust (no, I'm not talking about the many photos of the Hammer glamour ladies!) but an incredible head and shoulders sculpture. On the way out there was a book that you could write your comments in. I noticed that many people had come to the exhibit from all over the country and some overseas visitors as well.

They also published a booklet which is still available from the Museum for two pounds. It is called 'Peter Cushing's Whitstable: An Illustrated Tour'. It is an interesting booklet complete with a map of Whitstable and 21 places to stop 'where Peter used to visit on his many walks around the sea side town'. It starts at number 1 which is the Museum and it goes past his local news agents, his house, then along the beach, Cushing's View, then  through the harbour past many shops and then halfway you can stop off at the 'Tudor Tearooms' for some lunch. Then set off up the high street past the 'Pirie and Cavender' bookshop where Peter did many a signing session. A little way on to the 'St. Alphege' church a small church in Seasalter where Helen's headstone was until Peter's death (it has now been removed and both names are now on it - the new location is more private than the great man was himself). The route takes you back into town, past an antique shop and Herbert's Cycles and then back to the Museum, where the journey began. I haven't done the trail myself, but I do intend to. There is also a little biography on Peter and a chronology of important dates. It comes complete with photos and I recommend getting it. It maybe ten years, but Peter still lives in his beloved Whitstable.